Legal advisory

The team of lawyers at Grupo HL Consultores provides customized services based upon ethics and professionalism. The innovation, creativity and the satisfactory solution to the benefit of our clients is what we pursue in each suit we attend to in the following legal branches:


  • Legal advisory to prepare, study, construe and comply with agreements (Leasing, purchase-sales, donation, free loan, service provision, loans, assignment of rights).
  • Contentious Matters:
    1) Compliance and rescission of obligations and agreements.
    2) Complaints, answers to complaints and diverse procedures related to individuals and legal entities.
  • Legal matters related to the property and patrimony of individuals and legal entities.
  • Debt and credit recovery and collections related to contractual or legal obligations.
  • Comprehensive legal advisory on the real estate legal regime.


  • Comprehensive attention to mercantile legal actions, legal defense acting in the capacity of the Petitioner or the Defendant.
  • Preparation, review, interpretation, compliance and rescission of all types of mercantile agreements.
  • Complaints and legal actions related to the purchase-sales of goods, quality of the same, their transportation, delivery and payment.
  • Defense of the companies’ legal and economic interest before their creditors and debtors.
  • Legal assistance in order to solve conflict of interest among businesspersons (individuals and legal entities).


  • Attention to divorce legal procedures, alimony, child custody, child acknowledgment, testate successions, intestate successions, planning and problem solving related to the individuals’ civil status.


  • Advisory on individual and collective labor matters, review of individual and collective bargaining agreements, relationship with unions, protection to sources of employment and contentious procedures arising from relationships between employers and employees.


  • Legal defense of legal entities and individuals regarding fines or penalties assessed by federal, state or municipal authorities.
  • Preparation, review of any type of administrative contracts and agreements; and advisory related to the same.
  • Administrative procedures before the competent authorities.
  • Objections to the orders issued by the authorities before the Administrative Courts.
  • Advisory and legal defense related to grants awarded by the federal, state or municipal government.
  • Comprehensive legal advisory to obtain licenses, permits and authorizations.

Writ of Amparo

  • Submission of all types of Writs of Amparo related to the aforementioned matters, as well as against the laws and official governmental actions which affect the individuals or legal entities with regard to their property, rights or possessions.

Immigration Matters

  • Legal assistance to foreign individuals who are currently living in Mexico or who intend to formally settle down in the country.

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