Accounting and audit


We offer the proper management of the accounting process with the support of our professional accounting team. Our accounting mission goes beyond the accounting aspect, we offer a comprehensive and proper response to your needs based upon the preparation, review and timely filing of the federal and state taxes.
We offer accounting services attached to the highest professional standards, so that our clients are able to focus their endeavors to the development of their businesses.

Our services include among other:

  • Submission of the monthly income tax return
  • Submission of the monthly value added tax return
  • Submission of the monthly withheld income tax and withheld value added tax returns.
  • Calculation of the payroll tax
  • Calculation of the fees to be paid to the Mexican Social Security Institute
  • Submission of the Information Return related to transactions with third parties
  • Submission of notices pertaining to vulnerable activities (if applicable)
  • Submission of relevant transactions (if applicable)
  • Submission of the Annual Income Tax Return
  • Submission of Annual Information Returns
  • Monthly submission of the trial balance


Our audit team contributes an independent point of view about the accounting, tax, internal control practices and the business risks borne by our clients. We promote the transparency of the financial information and provide our clients with opinions in order to streamline the transactions entered into by our clients.

Based upon our knowledge and technical capacity, we can guarantee that the audits on the financial statements shall be carried out in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standards.

Among others, our services include:

  • Audits of Financial Statements
  • Auditor’s Report for tax purposes
  • Internal Control Reviews
  • Auditor’s Report on local taxes
  • Review of the financial information and financial statements

Transfer Pricing

This service is aimed at guaranteeing that the transactions entered into with related parties are agreed according to the fair market value. If the transactions are agreed at a market price, a taxation in accordance with the assets, functions and risks undertaken, is obtained per each entity involved in the economic transaction.

Our advisory team provides our clients with advice in this matter, since we address each and every step so that the legal requirements in force are duly complied with and the defensive pleadings, if applicable, are developed and implemented.

  • Analysis and assessment of the parties involved in the transaction in order to determine under which criteria said parties are deemed related parties (Capital, Administration, Control or kinship)
  • Based upon financial ratios, we conduct an analysis of the financial position held by the legal entities
  • Filling up the annexes affixed to the Independent Auditor’s Report.
  • Preparation of an Executive Summary (Transfer Pricing Study Abstract) whereby the most relevant findings are disclosed. The Executive Summary is translated into English language by an Expert Translator certified before the Superior Court of Justice.

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